Re: mhonarc and digest

1996-10-15 18:27:48
Didier Bretin said:

  Can mhonarc work with a folder which is a digest ?

Have you tried this already?

        mkdir xx; mhonarc -outdir xx exmple_digest.mbox

There is no fancy handling of digests.  If it's a multipart/digest
you simply get a big converted message files with all messages listed
in it. E.g.,

The special digest format used in rfc822 style messages is
converted as any other text/plain message body.

Writing a special filter for digests filter is not that easy. At least
I have no idea how to handle multipart/xyz in a special way without
hacking but I have not looked hard into the problem.

My guess would be that it is better/easier to use sperate tools to split
the digest into several messages and then applying mhonarc to them.


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