Re: MHonArc User Poll about a possible change

1996-11-07 17:34:11
"EH" == Earl Hood <ehood(_at_)hydra(_dot_)acs(_dot_)uci(_dot_)edu> writes:

EH> My questions to you is what is a reasonable solution to the problem?
EH> Should a new field delimiter be used?

Perhaps.  It depends on whether the ' package syntax is just old or
deprecated.  I don't recall if empty identifiers are allowed, but if not,
just ignore `::' when looking for the delimiters.  In perl5 regexps,
/:(?!:)/, that is, "colon not followed by a colon".

EH> Another questions is retaining Perl 4 compatibility still needed?

Hopefully not.  I'm busy trying to develop Majordomo and having to keep
mindful of the lack of functionality of perl4 is driving me insane.  There
are a whole pile of really nice things that you get with perl5 that you
just can't do with perl4, like complex data structures.

Perl5 runs on more platforms than perl4 did, so I can't really see a
reason.  Those not wanting to upgrade perl probably won't want to upgrade
MHonArc either.

EH> Although MHonArc will probably not take advantage of Perl 5 OO
EH> constructs for awhile (too much rewriting at this time), other Perl 5
EH> enhancements may be nice to use.

Especially those nice modules, which I stare at longingly every time I hack
around a bug in Majordomo's address parser (can't use Mail::Address->parse)
and explain why Majordomo doesn't handle MIME (can't use Mail::MIME and
don't want to roll my own).
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