Re: Dates on Date Listing

1996-12-02 10:18:34
I recently recieved a request to have the date provided in the date 
index.  The person suggested that each date be listed as follows:

November 11
Re: Q&A w/region6 Director (0) Mike Badley 
Re: hang-gliding-dJDigestJV96J#630 (0) TMH
'W' thing at the BOD (0) TMH
Re: Cable modems, ptui (0) Alex Curylo 
November 12

Is there any way to get mhonarc to do this?

No.  Another thing to add to the wish list.

BTW, the simplest approach would be to provide a resource to define
the markup to insert at the beginning of a day and at the end of day.
For example, BEGINDAY and ENDDAY.  This should provide what is desired
and not break existing archives.


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