Re: Newbie question -- MHonArc not processing From:

1996-12-26 16:38:51
I recently installed MHonArc v2.0.0.alpha 2 running under perl
version 5.002 on an Unix box.  I am trying to process digests
of a mailing list I administer.  The list software is a package
called BestServ, and was customed developed by my ISP.  I've been
able to get most of it working, by setting the message separator
as follows:

% mhonarc -msgsep ^From: testdigest.txt

However, the index & message files that are built don't have
the From: field processed correctly.

Because the "From: " is being considered as the message separator
and not part of the message itself.  I.e.  MHonarc never treats
the message separator as part of the message.  Since you specified
a separator that matches an actual message header field, it will
be lost.

If so, is there any way to tell MHonArc to
include the message separator line as part of the mail header?

Only if you modify the code.  And it isn't that simple because
of how the input is parsed.  It requires changes to the interface
of some functions or a change in how to read the input.

I'm relatively new to both perl and to MHonArc, so I appreciate
any level of detail that someone is patient enough to provide.
Thanks in advance for any advice.

You can preprocess the input to make it more suitable for


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