Re: Ughhh! I screwed up!

1996-12-26 16:43:45
Help!  I have been running mhonarc as a cron job to update certain
mailboxes every night with new messages (and then it would
null out the mailbox file to start it fresh for the next day.)  
In my infinite wisdom I have NOT been using the  -add  command, so my 
maillist.html and threads.html were being overwritten whenever there 
was a new message! Needless to say, I have all of the .html files that 
it created, but no good HTML file to view the index of messages.
Is there any way to rebuild 1. the maillist.html or the threads.html
on the html files that were created and 2. rebuild the database so when
new articles are appended that everything is happy?
Just wondering if anyone has had to do this before and has any advice.

This has been asked before, but no tool exists that I know of
for doing data construction from message files.  The success
of such a tool will depend on the version of mhonarc you are
using and/or how you format the message headers.

At the beginning of each converted message are some comments giving
some information of the message (look at the raw HTML).  A tool
can read this information to help rebuild the database.  Later
versions of mhonarc provide more information.  If something is
lacking, the tool may need to parse the HTML file itself and
examine the converted message header information.


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