Re: (partial?) fix for: Re: Newbie Q? - Message Jumping

1997-01-15 14:49:56
Earl Hood wrote:
(Reply about the message number jumping problem)
*Maybe* the solution is as easy as not delete the msg id (see patch below).
The *only* test I did was to rerun mhonarc again and now I got as expected
'No new messages'.  Is this enough to fix it?  Earl?

That's tough since the %MsgId hash is used throughout code and
each portion of the code must be checked that accesses the %MsgId
hash to see if removed ids would cause a problem.

What might be a cleaner approach is to store all removed ids
into a separate hash?  This hash can be used in conjuction with
%MsgId to see if a message has been processed before.  The only
problem with this, or your, fix is that the database will be
always be increasing in size.  A purge removed ids option may need
to be added to allow the saving of space when removed ids are no
longer required.

Another approach would be to remember the oldest date oft the messages
in an archive (and maybe other criteria) and rejecting all messages
that should be added to archive with an older date (of course only
when a maximun number is specified).   This makes sense because finally
they are removed independent of the fact that the was no $msgid{} for
them.  Additionaly it would have the advantage that this required no
additional space in .mhonarc.db is required.

Just a random thought,


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