Re: Mhonarc 2.0.0 again

1997-01-15 16:54:48
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      I forgot to describe the error in more detail:
When I have only one page, but multipage enabled, then the $FIRSTPG$ is
maillist.html (default), while $LASTPG$ is mail1.html.
I solved it for myself using IDXFNAME mail1.html, so I'm no longer
worried about this. (BTW, it's the same for the thread index.)

This will be fixed in the next release (beta 1).

But now I have noticed, that there are some messages missing from the
thread index, even to the point that in some cases the last thread page is
empty! Do you know the reason for that? I noticed that the messages
missing from the thread index usually have inactive $TPREVBUTTON$. 

What version of mhonarc are you using and what resources are
you setting?

v2.0a (alpha 1 release) had a a bug with reverse threading.
Are you using v2.0a2?


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