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1997-01-31 16:06:07
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Carlos E. Ocegueda <ocegueda(_at_)earthlink(_dot_)net> wrote:
I am currently working on setting up an email archiving facility for
an intranet site.  To do this, I've picked up mhonarc to do the 
archiving/html stuff.  However, since the mail that is being archived
is using Sun sendmail - most of it will not be MIME compliant.  The
task at hand is converting the X-Sun-Attachment format to MIME.
So, I am looking for one of two facilities -
      1) MIME filter for mhonarc to handle x-sun-attachments in a more
         interesting fashion than plain text,
or     2) A preprocessor to convert the mail messages to MIME.

I realize that the Sun mailtool can be configured to create MIME
compliant messages.  Does anyone know if it is possible to use 
sendmail itself to do this conversion?

Checking out the comp.mail.mime FAQ, there is a tool called
Emil that may do what you want:

Name:     emil
Product:  tool
Platform: Unix
Author:   Martin Wendel 

    [ Martin Wendel  8-Apr-1994 ]

    Emil is a tool for converting between message formats used by
    MIME, Eudora, SUN mailtool, PC and Mac based clients, etc. It is
    easily extensible.  It can work either standalone, as an argument
    driven filter program, or, if linked with sendmail-5.67b+IDA-1.5
    or sendmail-8.6.8, as a mail gateway convertering messages sent
    between various types of Internet mail clients.  It will give
    a possibility to convert encoding formats of attachments and
    convert character sets of text.  It can make a heterogenous mail
    environment, consisting of various types of mail clients, act as
    a homogenous environment; for instance sending only MIME based
    messages to the outside world.

If you get anything working with mhonarc, please pass it
along to the mhonarc mailing list.


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