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1997-02-14 06:22:51
Igor Khmelinskii wrote:

I've got into troubles running the new mhonarc beta version.
I am using elm filter activated from the .forward file:

"| /usr/local/bin/filter -o /usr/users/ikhmelin/.filter_errors"

and the filter activates webnewmail, which I borrowed from the previous 
on the mhonarc manual:

#! /usr/local/bin/perl

$cmd = "/usr/local/www/local/avisos/bin/mhonarc -add -quiet " .
 "-rcfile /usr/local/www/local/avisos/bin/mhonarc.rc " .
 "-outdir /usr/local/www/local/avisos/mailarchive";
open(M2H, "|$cmd");
print M2H <STDIN>;

which should in turn activate mhonarc ...
It had worked with the previos alfa version, but is doing exactly nothing 
What is it that I am missing?

What is writen to stdout/err when you try (also check without -quiet)

webnewmail < a_test_message

P.S. if you listed above the our complete webnewmail script I suggest to
     use instead:


exec /usr/local/www/local/avisos/bin/mhonarc -add -quiet \
        -rcfile /usr/local/www/local/avisos/bin/mhonarc.rc \
        -outdir /usr/local/www/local/avisos/mailarchive 

     Has much less overhead. The only difference would be that exit code
     returned by mhonarc would be returned to the filter program.

     Another note: it's not necessary to specify always the mhonarc.rc
     file.  Mhonarc remembers all option in the .mhonarc.db file.
     Specifying it when you create a new archive or change resources
     is enough.

Thanks for help in advance,

Igor Khmelinskii, Assistant Professor
Universidade do Algarve, UCEH, P-8000 Faro, Portugal
e-mail: ikhmelin(_at_)mozart(_dot_)si(_dot_)ualg(_dot_)pt   URL:
Department URL:

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