Questions about expiration

1997-03-18 06:11:27
I have my archives (we run several) set up to expire things both by date and
by absolute number of postings.  I find this works fine, at least on the
numerical limit (we haven't been operating long enough to hit the date limit
yet, in those cases where it's likely to be hit before the numerical limit
is) when it comes to removing msgXXXXX.html files.  However, none of the
thrdXXXX or mailXXXX pages are updated to reflect the fact that the msg
files are no longer there; there are copious thread pages with pointers to
messages which no longer exist.

I'm not doing anything special to force expiration or rebuild the archive,
just adding single messages as they come in.  Do I have to run mhonarc in
some sort of update mode to get proper rebuilding?  How do I do this?

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