Re: Messages Body HTML Conversion

1997-03-27 11:32:37
At 06:49 26/03/1997 -0800, Earl Hood wrote:

As for converted text to HTML, you will never get a perfect solution.
Any filter requires heuristics, and it is practically impossible to
get them working on all cases.  From my experience, it is best to
compromise and use simple heuristics that will work all the time.
It is best to have all messages readable/useable instead of getting
messages that get garbabled because the heuristics did not handle
particular cases properly.

Yes but I guess the minimal needed in HTML conversion is:
1.  First topic...
2.  Second..
3.  .....
and not 
1.  First topic..........2. Second....      3. .....

Quotation 1...
Quotation 2... (embedded into 1)
rest of quotation 1...
and not
Here is the first line of quotation 1....>here is the second line
of the same quotation>>quotation 2 begin here and continues>>here
just before ending >>here...........>and the rest of quotation 1.

Unless we'll be able to get the above I guess it is better
to keep on using <pre>.

Bernard Frit

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