Re: Qs on mHONARC

1997-04-07 07:07:23
At 08:09 PM 4/4/97 -0400, 
arqui2(_at_)rehue(_dot_)csociales(_dot_)uchile(_dot_)cl wrote:

I have a question I'd like to pose to the list: can mhonarc process
mail-digests (as stored by Eudora 1.5.3) - if not, anyone care to comment on
how to split such mail messages (digests) into individual messages in order
to process them separately. 

MHonArc can handle Eudora's .mbx files directly.  MHonArc's -mbox
command-line switch is needed for some older MHonArc versions since the
"mh" type of mail (each message in its own file) was the default.

-- SP

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