Re: Help! Customizing Pages

1997-04-08 15:41:19
  As an example to get me started, what's the easiest 
  way to put a background image into our thread index 
  page (like 
  <body background=/opt/ns-home/epe/gallery/blubkgrd.gif>)?  
  Which file should I edit?  I guess I need this 
  spelled out.
The most straightforward is to copy the default definition of 
IDXPGBEGIN from the documentation and insert your BACKGROUND
attribute where you find the BODY tag in that resource.

You put the result in an RC file which you have to make sure gets
read as mhonarc runs.

Re-read starting from "Main Index Page Layout" and be sure
to visit the above resource.  

Keep the questions coming.  I'm just learning this myself.

Al Gilman  

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