Re: Another newbie Question about index pages

1997-04-16 19:33:06
MHonArc, by default will create two indexes for a mailing list
archive, the "main" one by date (called maillist.html) and one
by thread (called threads.html).

From my brief perusal of the documentation it appears that you can 
set things up so that the "main" index is sorted by author by 
setting AUTHSORT.

What I would really like is a date index, thread index *and* an
author index.  I seem to remember seeing a resource that allows you
to define "extra" index pages, but for the life of me, I can't find 
it again.

Would someone kindly point me in the right direction?

I believe that the resource you are looking for is called OTHERINDEXES.
There is a bit of stuff in the HTML online manual - but not enough to get me 
going with it.

I wish I could offer more help, but what you are trying to do is exactly what 
I'm trying to do, 
and I have no idea how to do it.

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