Re: converting Majordomo digests to HTML

1997-04-17 14:11:37
Does anyone know what I need to do to get the Subject lines to
get converted correctly? All that is in the digest is this:


From: Michael Minter <minter(_at_)bgs1>
Date: Wed, 15 Jan 1997 21:24:55 -0600
Subject: Motive reporting 



The simplest approach is preprocess the input by deleting
the blank line that occurs between the separator and the
start of the message header.  MHonArc does not support
multi-line separators, so the blank line signals an end
of the message header (ie. results in a NULL header).

Here is a simple preprocessor in Perl:

    while (<>) {
        if (/^--------------------------------------/) {

If the program is called premdomo, something like the following
can be done:

    unix-prompt> premdomo majordomo.digest > digest-for-mhonarc
    unix-prompt> mhonarc [your-options-here] digest-for-mhonarc

With the preprocess, and defining the MSGSEP resource as
you have already done, you should get the results you want.


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