Re: mhonarc - genidx command

1997-04-21 09:34:19
I was wondering if it is possible for you implement a command line option
in mhonarc which works similar to the -genidx command but it generates a
html message on the fly (instead of the index page as in genidx).

It is possible.  Will I do it?  That's a different story.

I am trying to allow my clients to preview the message in its html form
before they add it to the archive.

Why don't you try the -single option?


P.S.  General note to mhonarc users:  I am extremely busy person.
I do encourage all feedback and request for enhancements.  However, my
time is limited, so it may take some time before I am able to act upon
your feedback.  Various alternatives to take:

    o  Read the documentation.  Many times, mhonarc can already
       do what you want.  I know there is alot to look at, but
       it is usually worth your time.

    o  Send mail to the mhonarc mailing list.  It is a great resource
       (thanks Achim).  With the list, not only do I receive your
       message, but so do many mhonarc users (and contributers).
       You may find out they have done what you desire.  Many user
       responses are better, and more timely, than my own.

    o  If code modification seems necessary, you can do it yourself.
       MHonArc is distributed under the GNU license, so you can
       modify the mhonarc if you require.  Just make sure to read
       the GNU General Public License before coding.  Also, if your
       changes prove to useful to the reast of the mhonarc user
       community, I can incorporate the changes into the standard


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