"uuencoded data w/o mime header" filter

1997-05-01 04:59:17
Hi folks!

It's me again with my mime/uuencode problem ;-)

I try to enable mhonarc to detect uuencoded data in my email which does
not contain mime headers (you get such an email for example with the
 command "mail my(_at_)email(_dot_)uk < foo.uue" under unix)

After an answer from Earl Hood I know now that I need a custom 
text/plain filter which scans the message for "plain" uuencoded
data w/o mime headers.

Earl wrote:

The filter could do a scan to see if a the first non-whitespace 
line in the message is "begin ..." (ie. the uuencode begin line).  
If so, uudecode the data, else convert the message normally.

Well - I have no idea how to write such a filter and I was wondering 
if someone written something like this already?!
I'm sure I'm not the only one who has this problem and if it 
exists I would appreciate if someone could email it to me!

Thanks a lot for any help!


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