Re: Numerous Repetitive Copies of the Same Message

1997-05-12 09:28:50
Running MHonArc 2.00B3.  Find that it creates numerous repetitive copies
of the same "Possible follow-up(s)" messages, sometimes hundreds of
times, in the Mail Thread Index page.

Can someone tell me how to fix this problem?

Some other information may help in diagnosing the problem:

        o  How are you invoking mhonarc?  Command-line options,
           The format of the input data, etc

        o  Version of Perl.

        o  Do you have a URL to your archive?

A possible culprit is if messages have no message-ids and you are
performing adds on a mail folder that contains previously processed
messages.  MhonArc checks for duplicate messages by message-ids.
If they are missing, MHonArc will not know the messages already exist
in the archive.


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