Re: verbose or debug output?

1997-05-12 15:21:30
  MHonArc v2.0.0 beta 3
  perl, version 5.003 with EMBED
  MH 6.8.3

MAXSIZE not set.
EXPIREAGE set to 2635200.
IDXSIZE set to 300.
2080 messages in the archive.

I've been running mhonarc -add for a couple of months; last night I
rebuilt the archive from scratch:

mhonarc -outdir ${QTDIR} \
        -rcfile  /local/www/anglican.justus/lib/mhonarc.resource \
        ${PDIR} ${ARCDIR}

PDIR contains 321 messages and ARCDIR contains 2827 messages.

Can you show the output of "folder" for PDIR and ARCDIR? (I am
guessing they are MH folders).

My problem is that I absolutely cannot figure out why it did not
include 1068 of the messages in the archive. I'm sure it's something
simple. I've checked the dates (they are all recent). Some of the
not-included messages are only a couple of days old.

MHonArc has no real "debug" mode.  The place you will probably be
most concerned about is in the read_mail_header() function.  It makes
the decision if a message is to be processed or not.  A message is
skipped if a message with the same message-id exists in the archive,
or the date for the message causes it to be automatically expired.

Another place to check is the if block after the comment:

    ## Remove old message if hit maximum size or expiration

This is where message may get removed.

Another thing to look at is to see what the biggest message number
is in the archive created.  I.e.  Is there a msg*.html file with
a number greater than 2080.  This will determine if MHonArc ever
dealt with messages over 2080. (Note: make sure the directory is
clear before creating the archive to avoid old msg* files giving
misleading results).

If you desire, if you tar/gzip you data, I can do a look myself.
If you do send data, please send it to ehood(_at_)gator(_dot_)reedtech(_dot_)com
and base64 or uuencode it.


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