Re: continuity of threading across epoch boundaries

1997-05-16 17:33:35
Al Gilman wrote...
: Does your recipe connect or break threads as they cross the month-end?

And Eric replied...
It breaks them, since every month directory has a new db file.

Al continues:
Earl, where does this stand vs. your list of to-do's for MHonArc 3?

I am considering it.  It is possible to implement support for links
across archives, but there may be a performance problem along with a
limitation that the links can go back (ie. references) but not forward
(otherwise you basically have one archive again).

I hope the redesigning of MHonArc in Perl 5 will make multiple
archive processing easier.  Therefore, anything that has to deal
with multiple archives will probably have to wait until the Perl 5
version is implemented.


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