Re: ftp mhonarc

1997-05-28 09:02:18
Quelle est l'adresse ftp ou je peux recuperer une version de MHonArc

My French is extermely rusty and limited, but I would guess
you are asking if MHonArc can be obtained via FTP (hopefully,
your English is better than my French).

First, if you have WWW access, you can download MHonArc through
standard HTTP from (
As for FTP, I know of no site.  I used to be able to use the ftp site
at UCI, but my area got wiped out.

For the mailing list,

    Has anybody on the MHonArc mailing list put MHonArc on a FTP
    site?  If not, is anyone willing to provide an FTP home
    for MHonArc?


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