Re: <NOSORT> for index?

1997-06-03 16:42:11
.But in the thread index, the mails are sorted by date and then threaded.
As there are always people with wrong Date:s, is there any possibility
to do threading without sorting the messages by date?

I sent the above question to this ML a few weeks a go and all i got was
that i needed to edit the code.
As i guess the routine that's doing threading gets the Date: sorted mbx
contents, wouldn't it be easy to first skip date-sorting and input
the messages in an order as-is to the routine?
I don't feel confortable enough with Perl to do it myself, so has anybody
done it or is willing to do it?

You should be able to do what you want in the next release of
MHonArc (v2.1).  If nothing major comes up, it should be released
by the end of this week.

FYI, mhonarc must do 2 sorts when computing threads.  The first sort is
always a chronological sort.  This is done for subject based detection
to insure proper order.  I.e.  The first pass computes follow-ups and
depths.  The second sort is done to determine the order the threads are
listed and for computing actual listing order on the pages.  The
second sort is where thread sorting resources take effect.  In
v2.1 you will be able to sort threads by date, subject, or message


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