Re: Threading Issues

1997-06-05 10:25:58
I am having trouble placing the "<NOTHREAD>" command in an effective
location.  In other words, I can not get the command to work.  Any ideas
where to place the command? So far I have placed it at the very top of the
rcfile and directly above the THREAD page.

"above the THREAD page" has no meaning.  Make sure you are
not specifying <THREAD> after <NOTHREAD> or using the -thread
command-line option.

If thread pages already exist, and then you specify NOTHREAD later,
MHonArc does *NOT* automatically delete the pages.  MHonArc will just
do nothing to them on all futher updates.  You have to remove them

If you have defined your own resource from the defaults that
contained links to the thread index, you must redefine them
to remove the links.  If you are using the defaults, MHonArc
should remove the link for you.


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