Win95 MHonArc help (was private: MHonArc 2.0.1. )

1997-06-09 13:30:11

This response is cc'ed to the mhonarc list since it is
the appriopriate forum, and other (PC) users may provide
better assistance.

BUT how 
do I run MHonArc in my Win95, ActiveWare Perl32 5.003_7 
box? I have installed it, I have customized the MhonArc.bat 
file, I can run MHanArc without any errors- so that is all 
ok BUT MHonArc returns a lot of switches and  configuration 
options and most of them scroll out of my MSDOS window.

This normally means you invoked mhonarc improperly, or without
any options.  I recommend reading the "Quick Start" section
of the documentation to get your feet wet using mhonarc.

How do I access my UNIX POP3 account, download what's there and 
modify that to html?

MHonArc just handles the conversion of messages to html.  How
you get the messages is up to you.  In your case, you need
a POP3 client to retrieve you mail from the mail server.  Once
you have that mail locally, you can run mhonarc on it.

Hopefully, some MHonArc users can provide more insight
on Windows-based usage.


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