Re: attached icons

1997-06-10 13:54:43
text/*:usename subdir useicon

but attached image is displayed.

MIME arguments are not "additive".  This means that each content-type
arg spec, or filter arg spec, is separate.  In what you have, only
text/* types will use icons (assuming the m2h_external'filter is
registered for text/* types).

I believe for your case, the following should do what you want:

<mimeargs override>
m2h_external'filter:usename subdir useicon

This forces all content-types processed by the m2h_external'filter
to have the files put in a subdirectory with a name specified
in the header, and an icon displayed as part of the hyperlink text
to the file.

BTW, "inline" supercedes "useicon".


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