Re: Rare date/time format problem with MHonArc 2.0.1

1997-06-30 09:55:23
I have noticed that dates in format like
 Date: Fri, 11 Apr 1997 12:49:24 -447926920 (JST)
are mishandled in MHonArc 2.0.1. On index page I have
 Re: Here-Scripts in bash (fwd) (1) Chin Chee-Kai (11/11/63)

I am unsure -447926920 is legal, and if so, how to interpret it.
Normally, the first 2 digits are interpreted as the month, second 2 as
the minutes.  As for the other digits, seconds? and milliseconds?  I am
guessing neither since a "44" for hour makes no sense.  It looks like a
Unix time, but how it is interpreted, I do not know.  "447926920" would
make the message very old.

  Should the sender (here Chin Chee-Kai) be notified, or should
MHonArc be properly configured? If the later, then how?
  I had not tried MHonArc version 2.1 yet.

Maybe someone on the list can verify the legality of the
time offset.  From my understanding of RFC 822, it is not


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