Re: Archives

1997-06-30 17:40:03
1) store msg of a particular age in an archive,

You will need a custom script if you are dealing with messages
that are older than a specific date.  MHonArc only deals with
messages newer than a specific date, or older than a specific
time period from the current time.

2) delete the msg in its respective html index pages.

Need one here too.  MHonArc does not report which messages

Note, you may not need a script for 2).  If your expire
policy is consistent, the script in 1) can only process messages
that would be expired by MHonArc.  Therefore, 2) is unnecessary
and MHonArc's regular expire policies can be used.

Of course, all this assumes you have the original messages.  I.e.
"Archive old messages" work from the originals.

It may be easiest to modify MHonArc to do what you want than
to write a front-end to it.  I.e.  Reverse the expire checks
so newer messages are skipped and older ones archived.

(From the FAQ)
Does MHonArc require that the original message be available when
updating an archive?

The questions mainly states that MHonArc does not reprocess
already archived messages to perform updates.  I believe other
converters/archivers may.

It is general policy that if the messages are important, to
keep the originals in a storage archive.  There is data loss
when converting messages with MHonArc.


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