problem in the .mhonarc.db

1997-07-07 04:09:14
Hi all,
I'm currently writing a small program to create rcfiles, run mhonarc,
display an HTml page of the directories etc... for a bunch of lists. This
works pretty fine (well, it's my first program in Perl, so I'm quite happy
:-) BUT ....
when I run the -add option I get :

Reading database ...
Can't find string terminator "'" anywhere before EOF at
RUM/insitu-mali/MHforum/97.02/.mhonarc.db line 312.

which is quite normal since I have in my .mhonarc.db the following 312 line :
 312  $IDXNAME='maillisRequiring content filter libraries ...

It would be quite long to send everything, but at least I woul like to know
where I should look to fix this, since the $IDXNAME doesn't appear anywhere
in the rcfile (where I added the <$IDXFNAME> tag). Any idea ?
Thanx by advance, and please remember that it is my first program...


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