Updates to marc-search.cgi

1997-07-07 12:16:27
I've made some long overdue changes to marc-search.cgi and have moved
up a version number to 4.3.  If you're using 4.2, the only file you need
to update is Marc/, although does have some new notes in
the VERSION HISTORY section.

If you prefer, however, you can download the tarred, gzipped archive
and install the whole thing.

Here's the executive summary of the changes for 4.3:

Fixed two bugs that caused complaining in log files. 

Fixed bug in which marc-search would go into an infinite loop looking
for tags which MHonArc does not guarantee will always be present.

Introduced a loop into the searching code so that Version information
at the top of files generated by recent versions of MHonArc is skipped.
Thanks to Douglas Gray Stephens for his help with this.

Eric D. Friedman

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