Re: continued problem

1997-07-09 12:27:17
Yes, I do. I really like it too - I don't like to have to scroll to the
every time a new message comes in :-).


Ditto on my installation.  Do you have TREVERSE turned on for the list?
I do, and I think it might somehow be related.

Kevin Schneider
Software Specialist
Simpson College
(515) 961-1619

John Fisher wrote:
when i reply to a message, then look at the Threaded index, the
reply message appears twice : in a thread sub paragraph ( as it
should appear ) and also at the top of the index,  with no link
to the message, and with the word "(continued)" . This second
thing  disappears when i send another message to the list.
where does it come from ?

I am experiencing this problem as well. Any solutions yet?

John Fisher

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i have a strange thing since i upgraded to v2.0.1.
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