Message not completely processed

1997-07-17 08:36:52

I've been lurking for awhile now and love the program. Recently I have had
two messages that for some reason MhonArc won't process completely. The
first part of the message is processed ok, but a large chunk at the end is
sent into a new file, of course generating a date parsing error because
there is no header information. The first time it happened (during my
testing), I just resent the message, exactly as was done the first time,
and it was processed fine. There are no codes in the message at the point
where it gets split. Any ideas why this is happening?

I am running the latest 2.1 release under Perl5 for DOS on a Win95 machine
and processing a Eudora mailbox. MhonArc is invoked with a batch file with
the command line:

c:\perl\perl5\perl mhonarc -rcfile volclist.rc -outdir \mhonarc2.1\volclist

The resulting list is at:

Thanks for any help.

Ed Venzke

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