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1997-08-06 18:37:10
 > I have recently installed MHonArc on my Linux system and was dully
 > impressed.
 > Only one question came to my mind after reading most of the manual.
 > Is there a simple way to get MHonArc to archive by MONTH or YEAR?  This is
 > fairly important to what I plan to use it for, so any help would be
 > greatly appreciated.


 > Thanks in advance,
I'm sorry, but that was a pretty useless reply...

I'm looking for the same thing, and followed the URL you listed. It points
to a post that basically says the same thing... It's already been
answered, and gives a search engine search parameter. Following *that*
gives a poorly targeted group of messages, none of which are on point.

Anybody else have any ideas?

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