Get a Free Digital Satellite Dish

1997-08-06 20:00:54
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 LOOK !! Yes its True.....
    GO DIGITAL!  - Learn How to Get a FREE Digital Satillite System, With 
Nothing to Buy! 
    Just  Agree to Pay for Installation and try OUR CHANNEL for One Month!  
Special Rates 
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Products Group
    on the Internet.  Just Imagine if you could get PAID for Every Person Who 
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                           OH!  Did I tell You We Have our Own TV CHANNEL!!

For More Information Fill Out the Form at the following URL:

You may Also recieve Information BY:

PHONE:     1-800-942-9304 and listening to a 3 Min OverView

E-Mail :        Just  Click on the  REPLY  button of your browser and 
                    place "DIGITAL" with out quotations in Subject Field.

Thanks  AlexSen Enterprises.

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