Re: Cannot Create HTML files!

1997-08-25 05:32:07
At 12:20 PM 8/25/97, Joanne Lee <jlee(_at_)pc(_dot_)jaring(_dot_)my> wrote:
I've just installed Mhonarc 2.1.  I'm running Win NT, Perl 5.003_07, SLMail.

I followed the quick start from the documents and below is what I got from
the command line.

C:\MHONARC2.1\lib>mhonarc c:\slmail\mboxes
Requiring content filter libraries ...
Requiring charset filter libraries ...
Converting messages to .
Reading c:\slmail\mboxes
No new messages

How come Mhonarc didn't create the maillist.html. threads.html. msg*.html
amd mhonarc.db files as specified in the documents?

Any help will be greatly appreciated.



 Hi Joanne, it seems that most of the knowledgable folks that answer
questions here must do so at their day jobs.  Questions tend to get answered
quicker Mon-Fri.  Anyhow, I had a similar problem.  I don't know if it will
help but you can try a command like something like this: 
perl mhonarc -add -mhpattern "\.MSG$" -rcfile C:\admin\web\mailarc.rc
-outdir C:\www\maillist C:\mail
 The key seems to be the -mhpattern.  This is a Perl regexp that describes
the file names of your messages.  In this case, my messages exist in C:\mail
as filename.MSG files.  You'll have to adapt it to fit your setup.  The
-rcfile and -outdir are straight forward and are detailed nicely in the docs. 
 Hope it helps. 
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