Re: rc file

1997-08-25 07:56:22
to follow up on what mariel(_at_)iphil(_dot_)net said:

what are resources and rc files. what are they for?

Resources are intermediate variables employed in the definition
of the page formatting.  The HTML documentation explains the
formatting of MHonArc pages for the most part, but in the page
format there are specifics which depend on your list and the
specific message being processed.  Resources are the variables
which fill in those fields in the archive pages.

Resource definitions are coded patterns which specify how the
variable fields in the archive page format are to be filled in.
RC files are coded documents containing resource descriptions.

You should review some examples.  In the resource documentation
there are small examples.  In the distribution there are larger
examples.  Find and read mhonarc.html from your distribution or
at the MHonArc home page Earl has provided.

Al Gilman

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