Re: Error message : "out of memory"

1997-09-25 11:14:52
On Tue, 16 Sep 1997, Olivier NGUYEN VAN TAN wrote:

Everything was going fine with MHonArc and now, I 've got the following
message when I try to run it :

Writing mail .Out of memory!
mhonarc -rcfile fennec.rc -outdir /u/f/fennec/public_html/liste/archives   
48,08s user 2,29s system 93% cpu 54,088 total

Why do I have this ? Is it my fault or my server 's fault ?
I 've just add the UMASK tag with 022...

I also got this behaviour, when I changed my resource file so that mhonarc
obviously was not able to find a closing tag, i.e.


is ok while


leads to catastrophe - in my case I even had to reboot the machine (Linux

Hope this helps,

Hans Benedict                        DFN-Projekt Chemie.DE
benedict(_at_)chemie(_dot_)de                   FU Berlin, Inst. f. 
030-838-3408                         Takustrasse 6, 14195 Berlin

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