Re: MHonarc importing Hypermail data?

1997-10-15 19:34:41
Earl Hood <ehood(_at_)hydra(_dot_)acs(_dot_)uci(_dot_)edu> writes:

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We've got an extensive database built by hypermail we'd like to move
to MHonarc.  Is this possible, or will we have to lose our data?

If you have the orginal mailbox files, you can have MHonArc process
them directly to create MHonArc files.  I maybe wrong, but doesn't
Hypermail require you keep the original mail data?

Nope, you can do what MHonArc does with -add by specifying -u on
it's respective sendmail /etc/aliases invocation. There is no need to
keep the original(s) around if you don't want to.

A sendmail aliases entry (on a single line, obviously):

list-hypermail-outgoing: "|/path/to/hypermail -i -u -d 
 -l \"The Title of the Archives\""

list-mhonarc-outgoing: "|/path/to/mhonarc -add -rcfile /path/to/rcfile
-title \"The Title of the Archives\" -outdir /path/to/mhonarc/archives

I'm (brand) new to MHonArc and I'm still playing around with resources
and such, and not totally comfortable with the sendmail syntax above.

Does anyone have any examples they could share, is that all there is
to it?

MHonArc is incredible compared to Hypermail - there is no comparison.

 -- pb

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