Filename extensions

1997-11-01 07:30:08
I've been using Mhonarc to create my archives under DOS, and upload 
them to my website using software that translates the extensions from 
.htm to the .html format used internally.

That works fine, but I now want to be able to create zipped copies
of the archives for offline use, and I can't find any way under DOS
or Win 3 to create a zip or tar archive that records the filename as 
.html -- every trick so far records it as .htm

So can anyone suiggested a way of either:
a) persuading MHonarc to generate msgnnnnn.htm files rather than 
   .html  (I can easily enough use the resources change the 
   extension for the index, but can't see how to do it for the 
   message files)
b) creating .tgz or .zip archives under DOS/Win3 that list files as 
   having extensions > 4 chars?

(OK, I know I should just get Linux and be done with :)   One of hese 



Claire McNab -- Claire(_at_)siberia(_dot_)demon(_dot_)co(_dot_)uk

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