Re: Problems parsing messages (fwd)

1997-11-02 22:26:05
Ryan Tucker wrote:
: when I was using the '-add' flag.  It gets to the 'From time to time'
: and makes that a seperate message in the archives.  Any ideas on how
: to force Mhonarc to treat this as one message?  I'm calling this from
: /etc/alises so it can only be one message, I don't know why mhonarc
: is even checking for a second message. (or maybe I don't quite understand
: what -add is for.)

What it's doing is looking for "^From ", which typically denotes the
start of a new message.  Try putting a > before the From on that line
(so that it's >From time to time...)... that's the "standard" way of
dealing with From at the beginning of a line.  -rt

I just browsed through my own inbox and found that every message began with
a line of the form:

From emailaddress datestamp

The emailaddress may or may not be a complete form, meaning it might not
have a "@host.domain" portion.  But, if perhaps the match pattern was
enhanced to look for a date field at the end of the line, it would avoid
many of the false hits of the current pattern?

I also noticed that each of these From lines was preceeded by a blank line.

I'm not real expert on smtp mail storage formats, so this could be way off.

Perhaps something like...
From joi  Wed Jul 23 15:35:00 1997


That's the first stab at a pattern I'd make, myself. No idea if it'd actually
work, nor have I run it through perl to test it on an input folder.

Just tossing this out to see if it's of any use.

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