Re: Protected Archives

1998-01-06 23:07:13
I see no problem with basic HTTP authentication.  It would be like
logining into a computer.

Right, you could also use a cookie, so that the person only has to login
and be authenticated once.  They could then have the option of using the
password everytime, or having it stored on their computer.  The advantage
is that if they don't feel that their computer is secure, they can select
the option of not having the password stored on the computer.

Another option is to employ a trick (this is easier to code) but this only
works if securtity is not a big issue.  You could simply have a picture,
and the link is a certain part of the picture.  If you don't know to click
there, you won't get in (unless you know the web address).  Another method
is to have the pages nested fairly deep in the directory structure and no
easy link to get there.  Then you simply tell people what the url is...
something like

I have seen all 3 methods emplyed, so I know they work, but I really don't
know how to implement the first one...if security is a real issue I would
hire someone.


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