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1998-01-23 01:53:13

This message is relevant only to subscribers who received
e-mail from tool(_at_)ecn(_dot_)nl

Some subscribers to this mailing list received some 16
(incomprehensible) messages of tool(_at_)ecn(_dot_)nl(_dot_) The reason is that 
messages to the mhonarc list (subject bug-report, from 
contained a mailbox with messages all from tool(_at_)ecn(_dot_)nl as attachment.

Achim Bohnet has the following explanation:

I guess their mail delivery is broken.  Unix mbox  format uses "From "
at the start of a line as the message seperator.   I guess that these
guys use also mbox formats and that the system tools appended the our
message as is to it.  So the mail reader thinks the got a lot of new
messages because there are many lines starting with from.

Achim gives the following advice to prevent this problem:

Now you know that you should encode mbox attachments to
prevent the hassle.  But in principle it's not our fault.

Sorry for any inconveniences caused

Drs A.R. Burgers        Netherlands Energy Research Foundation ECN
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email: burgers(_at_)ecn(_dot_)nl   1755 ZG Petten, The Netherlands              

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