Re: Bug in body refs to other messages

1998-01-26 08:44:00
I've been running my archives through weblint, and find an odd error 
popping up.  It's when a message has a line of the form "in message 
<12345(_at_)somewhere(_dot_)com>, so-and-so wrote": MHonArc cleverly tries to 
create a link to that message, but it puts the HREF in twice, as in 
the fragment below.  It seems to work, but its very bad HTML :(

Is there any reconfiguation I can do my resource files to cure this?

HTML fragment:

In article &lt;<A HREF="msg00007.htm"><A 
&gt;, Jane Doe

It helps to report the version of mhonarc you are using.  Also,
check the bug list to see if the problem has been fixed:

Version:        1.2.3
Problem:        Generation of links of message-ids when editting
                messages w/o consideration that the message-ids
                may already be linked.  This caused nested anchor
Solution:       Fixed.  Only new message-ids are checked for.
Version Fixed:  2.0.0 beta 1

It should be noted that any archive initially created with v1.2.3, or
earlier, may show the bogus link markup even if you are now using v2.
The problem would be an actual bug if the archive was create with v2
from the start, and subsequent updates using v2 causing the repetitive
link markup.


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