Re: Is Hypermail dead?

1998-02-18 13:50:46
I'm currently working on updating the MHonArc FAQ.  There is
a questions that provides a brief comparison between MHonArc
and Hypermail.  However, I belive that Hypermail is now dead
(ie. no longer developed or supported).  Also,
is not responding.

Can anybody confirm?

I've never gotten any response to mail I've sent to hypermail's author.
I'd say it's safe to assume it's dead, which may be a good thing, given
how buggy it is.  I've seen several instances of messages (some of them
mine) that go something like "I've found and fixed this bug in hypermail,
but have gotten no response from the author -- has anyone been able to
contact him?"

See for instance:

Paul DuBois
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