Re: "Push" mirroring of servers

1998-03-03 08:47:47
At 12:07 PM 3/3/98 +0000, Claire McNab wrote:

First invocation: just get directory listing

Then build script.  Files are compared by time and size: newer local 
files are always uploaded.  Other files are compared by size: 
different sizes cause a file to go into the update queue, and ASCII 
conversion issues are handled by speccing which extensions are to be 
treated as ASCII -- local files in that category are scanned to 
calculate an ASCII size before comparison with remote size.

Finally, it generates an upload script, with a cmd line flag to
enable deletion of redundant remote files.  The first and last tasks
in each script are retrieving a remote dir listing, so it is
self-correcting, though with some potential for lag (discussed in the 


That's a good design.  A Win32 implementation in Perl would take under a
hundred lines.  There are excellent FTP client facilities in the
Win32::Internet module, including the auto-extraction of dates from FTP
directory listings.

There's not much of a Win32 audience for this since the nontechies would
never have Perl installed.  (They wouldn't have KA9Q installed either :^) )
 They'd use the facilities in programs like shareware FTP Voyager that can
synchronize directory trees over FTP, or their HTML authoring packaes like
FrontPage would hide the synchronization problem entirely.

-- thanks, SP

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