Re: Out of Memory - ounce again?

1998-03-03 11:08:39
I do the following, using MHonArc2.1.2:

$HOME/bin/mhonarc -outdir $HOME/public_html/GRASS-Help

and get

Requiring content filter libraries ...
Requiring charset filter libraries ...
Converting messages to /home/eicksch/public_html/GRASS-Help
Reading /home/eicksch/nsmail/Grass .................Out of memory!

The problem occurs at the 17th message in /home/eicksch/nsmail/Grass.
Count the dots.

You may want to create a test mailbox with the 16th, 17th, and 18th
messages only of /home/eicksch/nsmail/Grass, and check if the problem
still occurs.  If so, compress the test mailbox and send it to me
unless you are up to debugging the problem yourself.

BTW, you should state the version of Perl in use.


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