Re: database failure

1998-03-12 16:52:03
On March, 12 1998 at 10:57, John Sechrest wrote: 201% 
      mhonarc -v
      MHonArc v2.0.0 beta 1

You should upgrade.  Many bugs fixes and enhancements have been
done since then.

      the database just stops:
      '884829823^\360','Re: FCC charges ?',
      '874633580^\278','ALERT: Call Congress on 9/22 to Stop Big Brother!! (f
      '852323020^\130','Re: net access charges',
      '888376130^\396','Edupage Tidbit',
      '844371820^\46','Re: IT destroys more jobs th

This is bad.  Apparently, a mhonarc process was unable to complete
the db write or something corrupted the file.  Something unusual
had to happen for this to occur.

If you the original message, recreate the archive.


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