Re: "times not implemented" error

1998-03-17 19:00:44
On March, 17 1998 at 14:3, "Ed Venzke" wrote:

I just installed Mhonarc 2.2.0 and am now getting a "times not implemented
at line 74" error. There were no problems under any of the
mhonarc 2.1 versions.  

Running under Perl v. 5.003_07 (Perl for Win32 build 316).  System is Win95
running Mhonarc in a DOS window with a batch file.

I bet you will get the same error with v2.1 if you sepcify the -time

In v2.2, CPU time info is always computed, and -time just tells
MHonArc if it should echo the results.  A fix for systems that
have not implement times() is to wrap the offending statement
in an "eval { };" block.


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