Re: Majordomo archive appended to maillist.html

1998-03-25 16:08:53
On March, 25 1998 at 21:34, Andrew Elwell wrote:

I use majordomo to run a mailing list, and it creates the normal
archives in ~majordom/archives/listname/listname.archive.yymm

majordom has an entry in the crontab that calls mhonarc nightly to
html-ise these to the /local/WWW tree (our webserver htdocs)

HOWEVER: (i am using mhonarc 2.1.0) the "maillist.html" gets appended
rather than overwritten as new messgaes are added.

is there a workaround?

I would guess that the maillist.html file got corrupted in some way.  A
fix is to delete maillist.html and run mhonarc with the -editidx option
to recreate it.


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