URL conversion limitation (was private: mhonarc bug)

1998-04-01 13:56:57
I'm using version 2.1.0 of MHonArc and have run across a bug that isn't
listed as having been fixed in the newest version.  The problem is when
a message containing a url with an ampersand is added to the archive.
My particular example is a message containing the url
In the converted html message file, everything after the first ampersand
appears as plain text...not part of the underlined url.

This is a known limitation (at least I know of it) from when the code
was first written.  The & becomes a problem because text->HTML is done
first.  Otherwise, URL detection will have to be part of the text->HTML
process complicating the code, and slowing execution speed (right now,
a single global s/// operation is done; this would not be possible if &
is to be supported.).  It can be done, but I figured the support for &
was not worth the work and performance penalty.


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