NeXT Mail - "bin" files &

1998-04-02 15:05:38
Does anyone have a way to put extensions on .bin files so that
know how to open them? 

I'm using OpenStep 4.2 and OmniWeb Beta 5. MHonArc seems to understand
NeXTMail just fine (yeah!) but unfortunately all the unknown bins are named
with a .bin extension.  So, when I view the message in OmniWeb, and click on
the .bin link, OmniWeb very cooly brings up the Opener to interpret this file.
Uncooly, it thinks the files are binhex files because of the .bin extension.

Has anyone come up with a smooth workaround so that Opener opens the
"bin" files correctly? I tried using a filter to translate NeXT mail to MIME,
but that didn't work well. I looked at the list of Resources for MHonArc 
but did not see anything helpful. Did I miss something?

Thanks for any help.


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